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Startup Studio

As a Startup Studio, we assist startups in the development of their digital products, technical risk reduction and competence transfer.

You have an idea?

We turn ideas into reality. Whether it’s to refine a concept or build an API for 1,000,000 users, we support digital product creators at every stage of their development.

We are your external CTO, your digital ninjas, your development team or any other. Regardless of its designation, we understand the technical challenges and everyday needs of entrepreneurs and their digital products.

Take advantage of our expertise to fully focus your time on spreading your idea.

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Customized support


Proof of concept
robot-tractr-prototype tableau-tractr-prototype bot-tractr-prototype

An essential first step to bring your idea to life and present it to potential investors / partners.

We help you identify the elements of your project that create the most value, as well as the corresponding user scenarios.

  • Define user scenarios
  • Create an interactive prototype
  • Define the budget and schedule required for the development of a future MVP

Minimum viable product

Market validation
robot-tractr-MVP 3Dprint-tractr-MVP bot-tractr-MVP

This step consists of developing your product’s main functionalities on a first platform in order to test the market and validate user reactions.

With our existing technological core, we help you to quickly market an evolving MVP.

  • Back-end: Evolutive API
  • Front-end: Native or Web application regrouping the most important features

Large scale product

Continuous development
robot-tractr-large-scale bot-tractr-large-scale

The product is developed continuously and iteratively on one or multiple platforms. The infrastructures are set to support a constantly increasing load.

This approach is suitable for projects with an MVP or for ideas that need to be deployed simultaneously across multiple platforms.

  • Continuous functional development
  • Scaling of infrastructures

Why collaborate with us?

Accelerated Marketing

Entrust us with the technical realization of your project so you can fully concentrate on fundraising or marketing.

Technological Core

Over the years, we have built a reusable technological core. Using this toolbox, we can quickly deliver robust and performing platform.

Multidisciplinary Team

Capitalize on our multidisciplinary team. From conception to back-end development through design and sys-admin, find all these experts together under one roof.


  • Weweb
  • FlutterFlow
  • Softr
  • Airtable
  • Nhost
  • hasura
  • n8n
  • Xano
  • Angular
  • React
  • NestJS
  • Prisma
  • Nrwl
  • Hapify
  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • Postgres
  • Github Copilot


  • Somanyways


    Identify your needs at work
    Progressive Web App

  • Open Startup


    Platform of the event
    Web Application

  • Corner


    2D/3D designer for buildings
    R&D and prototyping

  • Yapouni


    Team building platform
    Web Application

  • Geev


    Object donation application
    Web and Android application

  • Cali


    AI powered video analysis solutions
    Functional prototype

  • Flit Sport


    Personalized training programs for running
    Functional prototype

  • Nove Perform


    Sports performance improvement platform
    Web application

  • NGRY Box


    Intelligent control of public lighting
    Web application

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for an initial discussion about your idea. Complete our project audit or send us your brief so that we can evaluate a little more in detail the technical and functional feasibility of your concept. A phase in which our team accompanies you, but also challenges you while providing recommendations.
Excellent! We can help you polish this design and refine the project’s perimeter to launch an MVP within a few months.
First, if you have a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), we will sign it. This is a precaution that we fully understand and it helps lay the foundation to build a relationship of trust. In addition, rest assured that we will only share your ideas and details with the team members involved with your project.
Most applications make post-launch changes due to market adjustments / business model / user feedback. Our recommendation is usually to focus on a first platform (Web or Android + iOS) and carry it step by step across all platforms once the application is more mature.
For several years, our team has developed a core front-end expertise with Angular / React, Node.js for back-end, and Docker for microservice containerization. We capitalize on the power of Reaction Commerce for e-commerce and we also have a long history of creating showcase websites with LAMP + Wordpress. Send us a request for more details.
Of course, we can share the code repository on BitBucket or GitHub, work with pull-request and have daily follow-ups with your technical team using your internal tools (Slack, JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, etc ...). We consider ourselves more as technological partners than subcontractors.
Whether it's for maintenance, the evolution of your product’s functionalities, performance scaling or optimizing, we will be happy to support you and share our expertise in digital product growth.
We maintain relationships with trusted external partners that offer complimentary service to ours. We can recommend talented specialists for more specific needs outside our field of expertise.

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